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A WebSite URL QR Code to link your website to increase visitors and promote your brand.

The WebSite URL QR Code can be redirected to any of the type of digital content.

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More dynamic QR solutions comming

Create a unique QR Code whose content you can easily change or update any time you want.

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Modern Business Card

Share your contact details, business information, work samples and much more with just one scan. Set yourself apart from other professionals and discover a new way of using business cards on the network and share information by just adding a QR Code.

  • With brand of organization

  • Social media included

  • Easy access & sharing

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QR Codes for Every Use Case

QR Miller offers a wide range of different content types for your QR code. We will add more content types steadily.

Create Dynamic QR Codes

With QR Miller you can create dynamic QR Codes that can be edited anytime even after being printed.

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With QR Miller you can easily track statistics about how many people scanned your QR code.

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Download your QR codes in high resolution PNG image file format or use our vector format like SVG.

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